Wide Range of Lab Furniture & Fume Hoods

SAI (Scientifically Advanced Interior) Systems & Services is proud to be a leading name in Canada for supplying complete Laboratory "Systems". From initial lab planning and designing to lab furniture + equipment installation and commissioning, our "Services" cover everything required on any size of laboratory project.

Our laboratory furniture product range includes Steel or Stainless-Steel Lab Casework, Wood or PLam Lab Furniture, Flexible Lab Furniture and complete range of laboratory countertops like epoxy, phenolic, PLam or Stainless-Steel worktops. Laboratory sinks, lab fixtures or faucets, pegboards, lab shelving, Acid or Flammable Cabinets and everything else required for a lab is covered under our laboratory furniture range. We have also customized many lab projects as per requirements.

SAI (Scientifically Advanced Interio) Systems also carries wide range of Laboratory Fume Hoods & equipment. Bench Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow Bench, Biological Safety Cabinets, Ductless Hoods, Fume Hoods for Classroom (Demonstration Hoods), Balance Hoods or Vented Enclosures, UV Box, PCR Workstation, Down flow Workstation, Walk in Fume Hoods, Evidence Bench, High Performance Low Flow Hoods etc. are few of our standard products. Our experience of multiple Fume Hood installation and installation of other lab equipment saves a lot of time and avoids costly changes for our customers.

Having the experience of installing products to Universities, College and other educational institutes, Food Pharma, Biotech and many other manufacturing industries, testing and research labs, Hospitals and other Healthcare institutes, our team of engineers and installers can to be an asset for each and every laboratory project. We also work as a team with many Owners, Lab Planners, Architects and Contractors for Lab Design Projects across Canada. All products are manufactured in North America & tested to laboratory standards.

Contact our team and let us make your next envisioned laboratory project a working reality.

Our Services

SAI Systems & Services Inc is a leading supplier of Laboratory Casework, Fume Hoods, Forensic Equipments, Healthcare Casework and other laboratory equipments . Having supplied and installed our products throughout Canada, we thrive to excel by providing many services not commonly provided by other suppliers. Some highlights of our services are here under