Bench Hood for General Chemistry

Enhance Safety and Comfort in Chemistry Labs with Bench Hoods

Our General Chemistry Bench Hoods are designed to provide comprehensive protection for laboratory personnel working with chemicals. Designed for general chemistry applications, these hoods are engineered to effectively capture and contain hazardous fumes and vapors, ensuring the safety and comfort of lab personnel.
Key Features:

Compact Design: These hoods feature a space-saving design, making them ideal for laboratories with limited space. Standard internal working depth options available as 24” and 30”. Width options available from 3’ to 12’ as standard- Varies based on models selected.

Customizable Options: Tailor your high-performance fume hood with a variety of configurations and accessories to meet your specific research needs.

Cabinet Options: Chemistry Bench Hoods comes with options of multiple types of base cabinets. Based on requirement, one can either select a standard base cabinet or an Acid or Flammable Cabinets. Corrosive and Solvent cabinets can be selected as option from many other options available for selection.

Hoods Tested to Laboratory Standards: Designed and Tested to exceed ASHRAE-110 requirements and meets CSA requirements. Cabinets tested to SEFA Standards

Our laboratory fume hoods are currently installed in Testing Labs, Plastics & Polymers Manufacturing, Clean Energy and battery manufacturing/testing industries, Asphalt and Fuel Cells Testing industries, Canadian Universities, Science Colleges, and R&D Institutes across Canada.