Customized Fume Hoods

Your requirements, our design. Fume Hood Customized to your unique project requirement.

At Sai Systems we understand that every laboratory has unique requirements. That's why we offer Customized Fume Hoods, where your vision is transformed into a tailored fume hood solution. Our team of Fume Hood experts and engineers works closely with you to design, build, and install a fume hood that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Key Features:

Tailored Design: Our customized bench and walk in Fume Hoods are built to your required dimensions, ensuring that they fit seamlessly into your laboratory space or warehouse

Material Choices: Choose from a wide range of exterior construction, interior liner materials, fixtures, and features to create a fume hood that aligns with your special project requirements.

Specialized Features: Integrate specialized functionalities like CAV or VAV design, Auto Sash Operation, integral wash down system etc. to support your unique research processes.

Safety Assurance: Our customized solutions are engineered to meet or exceed safety standards, like UL/CSA and performance standards of ASHRAE 110.

Our manufacturing team has customized hoods with many features. Some fixtures & services installed in our hoods include customized dimensions, distillation racks, Pegboards, Grounding Bars, Wired baskets, electromechanical timers, 230V receptacles, gravity sash stops, customized sinks, customized work surface, special glass features, fire extinguishers, perforated grates and much more .