Double-Sided Teaching Hoods

Enhance Learning and Safety with Double-Sided Teaching Hoods

Sai Systems and Services Inc. is dedicated to improving teaching through our Double-Sided Teaching Hoods for High Schools and Universities. Teachers can perform an experiment or conduct visuals from one side and students can watch from other side.

Key Features:

Dual-Sided Design: Our Double-Sided Teaching Hoods feature two working sides, allowing instructors and students to interact while maintaining safety.

Transparent Viewing: Large transparent panels provide clear visibility of experiments, enhancing the educational experience and safety.

Sash Interlock: Interlock systems allows only one side of sash to open at a given point of time to ensure safety.

Tested to ASHRAE Standards : Designed and Tested to exceed ASHRAE-110 requirements

Our educational hoods are currently installed in High Schools, College and Universities across North America.