Educational wood casework

At Scientifically Advanced Interior (SAI) Lab Systems, we understand the pivotal role that educational spaces play in fostering creativity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. That's why our Educational Wood Casework, designed to create inspiring and functional learning environments that promote engagement and innovation.

Industry Compliance: Our lab casework’s detail & custom finishes, exceeds the industry standard established by the Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association, SEFA, for chemical resistance and performance. We meet or exceeds requirements set by SEFA. Covers a wide educational range from Wood and Science Laboratory Furniture, Safety Cabinets (Acid and Flammable), Like Skills Furniture, Art and Craft Furniture, Music Furniture, Vocational Furniture, Athletics and Cubbies, Mailboxes and Library Furniture

From initial laboratory design to finished installation we will ensure your project is completed within your desired time frame and budget using our unique Phased Budget or Standard laboratory designs. Contact Us for additional information.