Fume Hood Accessories

Enhance and Customize Your Fume Hood with Premium Accessories

Sai Systems and Services Inc. offers a wide range of premium Fume Hood accessories to complement and enhance your functionality and safety. These accessories are designed to provide flexibility, convenience, and additional protection for your laboratory personnel.
Key Features:

Electrical Fume Hood Accessories: 120V or 250V receptacles. Standard or Explosion proof, GFI or standard options. Other electrical accessories include Blower switch, light switch, junction box, variable transformers and much more.

Fume Hood Plumbing Options: Fixtures like Gas, Vacuum, Air etc. Cupsinks, Vacuum breakers, remotely operated fixtures, QD fittings, piping and many other options as shown on brochure.

Fume Hood countertop options: Epoxy, SS (304), SS(316), Phenolic (special request) .

Ceiling Soffits: To cover exposed ductwork between Top of Hood and drop ceiling.

Fume Hood Sash Options: Tempered or Laminated Glass, Framed or frameless vertical rising sash, Combination sash, Horiztonal sliding sash, Double sided hood with interlocking sash.

Fume Hood Sinks: PP Cupsinks, SS Cupsinks, Epoxy Sinks, SS Integral sinks with SS Worktops

Fume Hood Alarm & Monitors: Multiple options or of standard and explosion proof monitors/alarms combination, Magnehelic Pressure guage.

Other Accessories: Distillation Racks, Tissue Screens, Fire Extinguishers, Lockable sash, Auto Sash with motion sensors, Acid Vent Kits and much more.

Whether you're looking to improve safety, convenience, or efficiency in your laboratory, our fume hood accessories offer the flexibility and customization you need.