High Performance Fume Hoods

Elevate Laboratory Safety and Efficiency with High-Performance Fume Hoods

Sai Systems and Services Inc. is proud to offer High-Performance Fume Hoods designed to meet the most demanding laboratory requirements. Our high-performance hoods combine cutting-edge technology with robust construction to provide an unmatched level of safety and efficiency.

Key Features:

Low Flow Requirement:Independently tested and proven to perform at face velocities at between 60 and 63 fpm without auxiliary devices as opposed to the traditional 100FPM.

Tested to ASHRAE Standards:Designed and Tested to exceed ASHRAE-110 requirements.

Pre-Assembled:All hoods are shipped pre-assembled. Service fixtures selected based on project requirement like Gas, Vac, Cold Water etc. are pre-plumbed internally. Electrical receptacles are also pre-wired to a junction box mounted at the top of the Hood.

Customizable Options:Tailor your high-performance fume hood with a variety of configurations and accessories to meet your specific research needs.

Our laboratory hoods are currently installed in Chemical, Food, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Universities, Science Colleges, Packaging industries, Cannabis production and Research Institutes across Canada.