Polypropelene Lab Casework

At Scientifically Advanced Interior(SAI) Lab Systems, we understand the pivotal role that educational spaces play in fostering creativity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. That's why our Plastic Laminate Wood Casework, designed to create inspiring and functional learning environments that promote engagement and innovation.

Key Features:
Core Material Options: Our Plastic laminate casework comes with different core options like Wood, MDF or Particle Board. Based on the location and application, right combination can be used for aesthetic and durability.

Color & Finish Choices: Available in multiple color and finish choices, plastic laminate casework is used for high school for labs, vocational spaces, like skills areas & music. It has also lot of industrial applications and mainly used for packaging areas in industries and as worktops for non-chemical applications. Chemical resistant laminates are used for lab top applications.

Custom Design: Besides our standard product range, just like any other wood casework, PLAM casework can be customized based on project requirements.

Scientifically Advanced Interior (SAI) Lab Systems and Services Inc. is your partner in building educational spaces that inspire, educate, and empower. Our commitment to excellence in design, quality, and customization ensures that your educational wood casework not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Discover how our solutions can transform your educational spaces into hubs of creativity, innovation, and learning excellence.