Special Application Hoods

Tailored Solutions for Unique Laboratory Needs with Special Application Hoods

Our Special Application Hoods range includes Isotope bench hoods, Perchloric acid fume hoods, Ovesized (OS ) laboratory fume hoods(bench mounted and walk in) to allow taller equipment/ apparatus or distillation assembly to fit within the hoods.
Key Features:

Isotope Bench Hood

Perchloric Acid Fume Hood

Oversized Laboratory Fume Hood –Standard and custom designed bench and Walk in Hoods

Acid Digestion Hood

Meet your unique laboratory needs and research applications with Special Application Hoods by Sai Systems and Services Inc. Whether you're working with specialized chemicals, equipment, or processes, our hoods provide the versatility and containment required for your research. Tailor your solutions with Sai's Special Application Hoods. Your uniqueness, our expertise. Start your journey today