Table Systems

Laboratory tables and its configurations form a very important role in laboratory design. Lab tables with multiple different accessories designed for different laboratory uses form laboratory table systems. Tested to SEFA standard for functionality and durability, laboratory tables systems can be installed in multiple configurations.

Lab Table Design Configurations:

Standard laboratory Tables: Standard lab tables comes with fixed height. Options are for Standing height lab tables, sitting height tables or ADA height tables.

Adjustable Height Tables: Laboratory tables that can be adjusted from a sitting height to standing height based on requirement are the adjustable height lab tables.

Mobile lab tables: Castors are added to tables to make them mobile. Overall height of table remains same as standard laboratory tables.

Tables with overhead flexible shelving: Additional posts are added to tables that allows tables to add flexible shelving. Overhead shelving comes standard as 2 tier, however, other options available as required

Customized lab tables: Certain lab equipment requires low height tables, some require extra depth lab table and some heavy equipment require extra strength lab tables. At SAI Systems we can deliver what you need based on project requirements

Whether it's a research laboratory, educational institution, or industrial lab setting, our laboratory table systems provide the quality, adaptability and functionality you need. Laboratory tables form a part of our Painted Steel lab casework, stainless steel lab casework or wood lab casework series and are tested to meets orexceeds laboratory requirements. Contact Scientifically Advanced Interiors (SAI) & Begin your table systems journey today.