Walk-in Fume hoods

Sai Systems proudly presents Walk-In Fume Hoods designed to accommodate larger laboratory processes and provide superior safety. These hoods are engineered to handle a wide range of applications, offering ample space and outstanding containment for your research needs.

Key Features:

Standard and Customized Walk in Hoods: Our Walk-In Fume Hoods provide generous space for large-scale experiments, equipment, and processes, enhancing productivity and safety.

Knock down Design: Walk in Fume Hoods are wide and tall. Due to its dimensions they usually do not fit a standard size doors. Considering the requirement, we knock down our hoods prior to shipping.

Tested to ASHRAE Standards : Designed and Tested to exceed ASHRAE-110 requirements

Fume Hoods Installation: Our highly experienced fume hood installers are trained to install all different types of hoods. Whether it’s a standard Chemistry hood or a customized Walk in Hoods, our projects team will take care of initial design to delivery to on-site installation.

Our Walk in Hoods are currently installed in Universities, Chemical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Cannabis & Research Organizations across Canada