Laboratory Fume Hoods from Canada's Best Supplier

SAI Systems can supply and install Lab Fume Hoods that combine newest innovations in design with accepted architectural practices to achieve most unique approach to fume containment in the world. Our laboratory fume hoods are designed to keep laboratory personnel safe by preventing toxic contaminants like chemical vapors, dust, mists and fumes from entering the laboratory environment.

Fume hoods from SAI adhere and completely comply with statutory safety regulations while ensuring optimum energy efficiency. Our Chemical Fume Hoods meet the ANSI/AHSRAE 110-1995 and evaluates the containment of fume hood under zero movement, rapid sash movement and perimeter containment around the airfoil, sash stop and side posts.

Our wide range of fume extraction systems are aimed to perfectly suit the lab demands and the needs of the working personnel. Fume Hoods can be supplied in assembled or knock down construction. Our laboratory fume hood installers have experience of installing bench fume hood, walk in hood,canopy hood, low flow hood, portable fume hood and also can do field conversion to change a CAV Hood to VAV Hood.

SAI Systems also helps our customer from initial planning of Fume hood to finished installation, testing and commissioning.