Laboratory Casework meeting SEFA 8 requirements

SAI Systems takes pride to be one of the fastest growing Canadian supplier & installer for laboratory casework,laboratory accessories, customized lab furniture solutions and laboratory fume hoods. Whether you’re looking to build a new laboratory, renovating or upgrading an existing lab, SAI Systems extensive range of laboratory furnishings will cater all your requirements.

With a wide collection of Steel Casework, Stainless Steel Lab Casework, Wood & Plastic Laminated Casework, we assure to meet all laboratory requirements. Our adaptive casework solutions are also custom designed to offer optimum durability for your lab.

Lab casework supplied and installed by SAI Systems meets or exceeds SEFA 8 requirements. Some of the components of test includes physical tests like load test, torsion test, Hinge Test etc., and chemical tests like chemical spot test, paint adhesion test etc., which ensures that besides having an aesthetic appeal, products meet laboratory requirements.

Our laboratory furniture installation team has experience and expertise of installing conventional casework, flexible lab casework, custom designed lab furniture, laboratory cabinets, science lab cabinets, bench fume hood, walk in laboratory fume hood, all types of laboratory countertops, lab sink, lab fixtures etc. and all other products that we supply.