Ductless Fume Hood for Safety of Lab Personnel

Ductless fume hoods are a series of high efficiency products designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapors generated on the work surface. There are two types of hoods supplies based on dimensional and functional requirement ie. Basic & Advanced.

Major applications where these Ductless Hoods are used includes :
  • Capsule Filling
  • Chemical Sampling
  • Dental Labs
  • Drug & Chemical
  • Analysis
  • Forensics
  • Histology
  • Educational
  • Mobile & Classroom Demonstration
  • Powder Fingerprinting
  • Sample Prep Work
  • Ink Fumes
  • Light Grinding
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pipetting
  • Slide Staining
  • Spray Adhesives
  • Weighing