Walk-in Fume Hoods, Standard & Custom Designed

SAI Systems is proud to be one of the most trusted supplier and installers for Walk In fume hoods. Laboratory Fume Hoods are used to remove toxic fumes and odors for multiple laboratory and production applications. Walk in Hoods are used with large scale distillations, pilot plant mock-ups, vat drug preparation and other large equipment procedures. Tested to provide unsurpassed containment, our Walk-In Fume Hoods are designed and tested to exceed ASHRAE standards.

Our standard Walk-In hoods have clear interior of 84" and a depth of 24”, however we can customize Fume Hoods for any size and shape. Available in various colors and different internal lining, we have the capability to meet majority requirements.

Based on the job site location, we can either supply fully assembled Walk-In Hoods or can also ship it knock down and our installers can assemble them at the job site. Walk-In Fume Hoods are available with multiple sash options like the Vertical Moving Sash, Horizontal Sash etc. and also comes with many accessories like Distillation Racks, Laboratory Tables,Lab Fixtures like Cold Water, Gas, Vacuum , Air, Cupsinks etc.

Do contact our sales team to find out how we can help to meet your laboratory furniture and fume hood requirements.