Lab Design & Installation of Lab Furniture, Fume Hoods, Lab Equipments& Accessories

SAI Systems & Services Inc is a leading supplier of Laboratory Casework, Fume Hoods, Forensic Equipments, Healthcare Casework and other laboratory equipments . Having supplied and installed our products throughout Canada, we thrive to excel by providing many services not commonly provided by other suppliers. Some highlights of our services are hereunder :

Lab Design: From initial space planning, lab furniture electrical and plumbing requirements, HVAC requriements etc. we can help us customers will all aspects of projects. We work with a team of  Lab Planners, Architects and Contractors with experience of executing multiple Laboratory Projects. We assure that our experience on multiple types of lab projects will save a lot of time and money.

Lab Furniture & Fume Hoods Installation :We install all items we supply. Whether you are looking for lab casework installation, Fume Hoods installation, installation of lab accessories like laboratory countertops, lab Sinks, lab Fixtures, balance tables , lab shelving etc we can help. We also install lab equipment like Ductless Fume Hood, Laminar Flow bench. No matter what you are looking for, we can provide a complete package from initial planning to finished installation and commissioning.

Moving or Renovating Labs: Are you planning to renovating existing lab or move to a new one and don’t know whom to contact..? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We have helped many customers with similar requirements and executed projects from planning, moving and re-installation.   
We have also working with some of our customer to Retro-fit existing labs.  Our services for retro-fitting includes : Changing Fume Hood Accessories, Replacing laboratory countertops, adding new casework to existing, providing customized casework and/or fume hoods to suit your laboratory and so on.

So whatever your next project might be, SAI Systems will always be there to work as a part of your laboratory new lab design, lab renovation or lab remodelling team.
To get detailed information, please click here and one of our experienced sales/projects team member will be glad to assist you.